The financial markets are inexorably influenced by Astrology. New Moons, Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde, Planetary Declination, Superior Conjunctions, Elongations and Natal Transits all variously bear curious alignments to short term and long term trend changes on stocks, indices and commodity futures. This connection between Astrology and the markets is not new. In the early years of the 20th century the most successful traders on Wall Street, including the venerable W.D. Gann and the mysterious Louise McWhirter, recognized the link between the financial markets and Astrology. They repeatedly used their knowledge of Astrology to profitably trade the markets at certain key astrological dates when price fluctuations and trend changes were most likely to occur. This 2018 Financial Astrology Almanac provides the reader with key astrological dates to watch for each month. These dates align to particular astrological occurrences that have been shown time and again to have a high propensity to result in trend changes on stocks, market indices and commodity futures. These key dates have been determined using exactly the same analytical process that Gann and McWhirter would have used. This Almanac then goes deeper to present the reader with critical Quantum Price Lines for various market indices and commodity futures for 2018. Alternative measures of time are also discussed including the Gann Master Cycle, the Weston Model and the mysterious concept of the Shmitah Year. This Almanac is certain to assist the reader in taking trading and investing to a much deeper level.

  • Livre de Reliure: Paperback
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  • Editeur: Wood Dragon Books

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